Ecologization of boilers

We offer solutions for the reduction of emissions and upgrades of energy sources, in particular of lignite and hard coal-fired boilers.

Emissions are reduced by the implementation of primary measures based on the installation of low emission powder burners and modified distribution of combustion air so that combustion takes place in an optimum manner with regard to the generation of nitrogen oxides and achievement of low values of carbon monoxide, including solutions with recuperation of combustion gases.

Reduction of nitrogen oxides and compliance with emission limits that will be required in 2018 is achieved by applying a non-catalytic method or catalytic method (SNCR and SCR).

Reduction of sulphur oxide and solid pollutants is achieved by installation of electrostatic or cloth filters. We offer dry wash or lime wash for the reduction of sulphur oxides.
These measures are implemented in cooperation with reliable partners providing the required technology.