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Jet Engine PBS TJ40-G1

Our expert technicians at PBS have designed and developed the PBS TJ40-G1 turbojet engine within the small turbojet engine category for small aircraft such as gliders and some larger model aircraft.

  • Compact design - all accessories incorporated in the engine (except for the fuel pump)
  • Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio
  • Any engine position during start
  • Starting option under 7 seconds

The engine has been the recipient of a prestigious award at the 2015 IDET exposition in the Czech Republic due to its many advantageous characteristics. It has an extremely compact design, with all accessories integrated within the engine body (excluding the fuel pump). It is also very a light weight of only 3.4 kg,  and a maximum thrust of 395 N. The start-up sequence is advantageously short at less than 25 seconds and there is an easy and rapid kerosene starting system. The PBS TJ40-G1 can restart from the ground as well as in-flight and has unilimited starting position angles.

The PBS TJ40-G1 small turbojet engine is a single-shaft engine with a one-stage radial compressor, radial and axial diffuser, annular combustion chamber, one-stage axial turbine and outlet nozzle. The output of the generator is 150 W. It is slightly more compact than the TJ40-G2, which is measures just 69 mm longer than the PBS TJ40-G1.


Standard accessories: fuel pump and filter, engine control unit (ECU), connecting cables, fuel hose, data terminal, battery (4s Li-Fe - 2,5 Ah), CAN connector

Technical parameters

Technical parameters Metric units Imperial units
Max. thrust  395 N 89 lbf
Length 304 mm  11.97 in
Weight 3.4 kg 7.50 lb
Outer diameter  147 mm  5.79 in

Key parameters

Salt water recovery

Salt water recovery

The engine allows reuse after landing in salt water
Pyrotechnic ignition - under development

Pyrotechnic ignition - under development

The engine allows to start in seconds

Why us?

Restarting on the ground and in flight

Restarting on the ground and in flight

Two of the largest advantages of the PBS TJ40-G1 small turbojet engine is the ability to restart on the ground as well as in flight and the shortened startup sequence, which is timed at less than 25 seconds. This is ideal for the small aircraft for which it was created, such as target drones, small reconnaissance drones, model aircraft and gliders.
Any engine position during startup

Any engine position during startup

Other main features which set the PBS TJ40-G1 apart from competition is the fact that the generator output is 150 W and it has the ability to start in any position at the moment of launch. These features make it especially attractive for the unmanned aerial vehicles for which it was designed and created. 

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