Europe's key cryogenic industry association

Membership in will bring us, among other things, closer contact with important partners in this sector.
Europe's key cryogenic industry association
The first event we attended as members were the European Cryogenics Days 2023 in Darmstadt, which CSE co-organized. Membership in the association not only gives members the opportunity to communicate more widely with each other but also to present themselves on CSE communication channels.

The Cryogenics Society of Europe was founded on April 22nd, 2015 with the following objectives:
  • to strengthen the European position of cryogenic technologies.
  • to represent European activities in cryogenic technologies in social, scientific, industrial, and political forums.
  • to promote communication and information exchange in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • to foster the training of young researchers in the area of cryogenic technologies.
  • to bring together those active in cryogenic technologies and potential user communities so as to stimulate applications of these technologies.

Today, all major players in the European cryogenic market are members of this association, as well as research and development organizations working and using cryogenic technology.