PBS can manufacture turbojet engines and even devices for the Large Hadron Collider

Prime global manufacturer of hi-tech auxiliary power units and components for the aerospace industry is also a worldwide supplier of cryogenic devices for Large Hadron Collider CERN. That is the Czech company PBS Velka Bites. PBS is the only manufacturer of turbojet engines in the Czech Republic. Another episode of the series, #VímeCoMáme, supports the domestic defense industry.
PBS can manufacture turbojet engines and even devices for the Large Hadron Collider
PBS Velka Bites is a worldwide name of top-class engineering products. It is the only manufacturer of turbojet engines in our country. In the present, mainly for UAV applications, which are flying in systems from Asia to America. 

The company from Vysocina region belongs among the leading European foundries of investment casting for power engineering, transport, aerospace, and glass industry.

PBS manufactures auxiliary power units for aircraft and helicopters, simply starters for main engines, and also a unique cryogenic device for The Large Hadron Collider CERN. For example, major aircraft manufacturer company Airbus is interested in liquefaction of noble gases. 

By the way, PBS design and manufacture aerospace apparatuses in Velka Bites from the end of the sixties of the last century. It closely cooperates with another domestic company Aero Vodochody, in which airplanes supply key components.

"PBS is a well-established manufacturer of turbine propulsion units for the aerospace industry. We are among the leaders on the world market,“ said Head of marketing Marek Fiala.

PBS Velka Bites in another episode of series #VímeCoMáme for support domestic defense industry.

The PBS is successful, but it is not so renowned for the public company as Aero, Tatra, or Česká Zbrojovka. Do you expect awareness raising from the campaign?

We are not suppliers of final applications, which being most often reported in the mass media. On the other hand, without our turbines, the final applications would not fly or even start the main engines. Another aspect is that we are mainly export company. The vast majority of our production is exported to more than 40 countries around the world.
We much appreciate that we are part of the "Víme, co máme" project.  We want to thank the state administration in this way, namely Deputy Minister of Defence Kopečný and his team, for their cooperation and support in promoting the Czech defense industry and the PBS brand.

PBS traditionally attended foreign trade fairs. Is it difficult now to export without personal negotiations during coronavirus restrictions?

Under common conditions, we participate in up to fifteen aerospace and foundry fairs annually. Naturally, we lack personal negotiation and monitoring of new trends in particular markets in this situation. But like the others, we have to manage it without these activities. Therefore we are more focused on digital communication platforms. 

What keeps you busy the most at the moment?

We currently deal, if we will be able to carry out all contracted orders by the end of the year. For many reasons, they have been accumulated in increased quantities for the last quarter of the year. Of course, we also look for a solution to problems arising from the current situation associated with the epidemic of Covid-19.

What are your next plans for the future?

We are already dealing with order fulfillment for next year. Despite all the problems, it looks very positive, although this does not apply to all our producing segments. One of the priorities is maintaining continuity in research and development and investments in modern production technologies. It is astonishing in this situation