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Zdenek Pavlik
Zdenek Pavlik
Zdenek Pavlik
Department of Aircraft Engines


PBS will attend the biggest security show in Europe. NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days takes place in September 21 - 22. The main programme consists of presentation of heavy military hardware, police and rescue equipment, dynamic displays of special forces’ training, flying displays and presentations of armaments, equipment and gear of individual units. PBS will present jet engines developed for UAVs, target drones and missiles as well as auxiliary power units for helicopters and light combat airplanes. You can also see experimental aircraft Blanik equipped with jet engine PBS TJ100. PBS will soon produce a thousand pieces of this well rated jet engine.
PBS is the initiator of the meeting of representatives of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry and Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic on the possible future involvement of the Czech republic and Czech companies in the Europe’s most strategic defence programme, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS).

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About PBS 

PBS is a pioneering engineering company. With a history that goes back 200 years, it is one of the oldest brands on the global market. It focuses on manufacture of high-speed turbines for the aerospace, power and transportation industry, delivery and servicing of steam and expansion turbines. It is also one of Europian leading suppliers of nickel and cobalt based superalloy castings. PBS is primarly a renowned manufacturer of turbojet engines for UAVs and target drones with a thrust of up to 1500 N, further APUs and ECS for aircraft. The main advantage of PBS engines is the excellent power-to-weight ratio, ranking them among world leaders in their field.

Blanik L-13TJ with the turbojet engine PBS