Modified jet motor for single application PBS TJ40-G1NS

PBS Velka Bites, a company with more than 50 years of history in aerospace, is expanding its product line and presents an important modification of a small jet engine with a thrust increased to 425 N. 
Modified jet motor for single application PBS TJ40-G1NS
The new version of the PBS TJ40-G1NS jet engine is designed and optimized especially for disposable unmanned applications. The smallest in disposable serial, the PBS TJ40-G1NS jet engine, excels with a maximum thrust of 425 newtons, making it an ideal choice for target drones that need an affordable but reliable and high-performance power unit. The engine provides an electrical power output of 150 W and is designed for air-launched use in altitudes up to 4,500 m  with a maximum flight level of 9,000 m above sea level. The outer diameter of the engine is 147 mm at only 3.6 weight. 

"The modification of PBS TJ40-G1NS is based on increased performance and lower acquisition costs to meet the requirements of manufacturers of disposable unmanned aerial vehicles." Adds Milan Macholán, CEO of PBS Velka Bites.

PBS Velka Bites engines covers thrust categories from 400 to 1,500 newtons.The main features that differentiate PBS jet engines from the competition are great air-launched capabilities, high electrical output, and excellent thrust-to-weight ratio.
PBS recently launched a fuel-lubricated modification of the popular PBS TJ100P engine and a 1,500 N traction version called the PBS TJ150.

PBS is already working on a new project to develop a jet engine with an increased thrust exceeding 2,000 N. The engine will be designed for larger unmanned aerial vehicles.