Our engine is at the forefront of the world media

The VV-2 helicopter made by the Ukrainian company Softex Aero, equipped with our TS100 ZA turbo-shaft engine, was brought to the attention of journalists by the leading publisher Shepard Media, which publishes a number of magazines aimed specifically at the topics of aerospace, defence, maritime security and military training.
Shephard Media reports about the ceremonial unveiling of a flying prototype of the light VV-2 helicopter during the eighth International IranKish Air Show in November. The TS100 turbo-shaft engine is a suitable drive unit for ultra light helicopters like the mentioned VV-2, which is designed for manned or unmanned air missions.

Read the entire original article here: https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/rotorhub/vv-2-iranian-helicopter-market/
Watch the actual video of the VV-2 flight at the International Air IranKish Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaGgloaBrnk&feature=youtu.be
The engine installation into the high-speed VV-2 tandem helicopter has already been described here: http://www.pbsvb.com/news/vv-2-powered-by-our-ts100-za