Our Engines are Featured in a Prestigious Magazine

Turbo-jet engines produced by PBS Velká Bíteš, designated for the propulsion of unmanned vehicles, are currently presented in the independent unmanned systems industry publication Unmanned Vehicles.

With a circulation of more than 6,000 and distribution to 120 countries around the world, the journal is published under the renowned editorship of Shepard Media.

This issue of Unmanned Vehicles is to be distributed at specialised defence trade fairs around the world:

  • Oceanology (San Diego, CA, USA)
  • IDEX (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • Avalon (Geelong, Australia)
  • AUSA Global (Huntsville, AL, USA)
  • LIMA (Langkawi, Malaysia)
  • Sea-Air-Space (National Harbor, MD, USA)
  • Aero India (Bengaluru, India)
  • LAAD (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Ocean Business (London, UK)

The series of high-performance turbo-jet engines made by PBS has found applications in the area of unmanned aviation. The engines combine the excellent thrust/power ratio and simplistic architecture built around a single-stage radial compressor and a single-stage axial turbine. They achieve peerless power values in extremely compact installations. More than 700 units have been delivered for UAV systems and targets around the world.