"PBS Sportuje" - another annual event was held for employees and their families

On 16th June 2018, the second annual PBS Sportuje company sports event. At the football stadium in Velká Bíteš, more than 400 employees and their families met up to enjoy an afternoon filled with fun.
Every participant got a small present right at the entrance. There were balloons, medals, and sweets for the children. Besides great food and drink, the day was of course filled with sport. Just like last year, it wasn’t possible to leave out a friendly football match where the individual divisions competed. The winner of the tournament was the “Dislektik” (DIS) team, who improved their position by one place from last year. The winners were awarded with the PBS CEO Trophy. Apart from the football tournament, included the day’s programme was, for example, fitness for women and a range of non-traditional sports activities for children, youngsters, and even playful adults.
Just like during last year’s event, the sky was cloudy but the attitude was sunny on the playing field.
Everyone enjoyed the PBS sports day in their own way. The children were greeted with a trampoline, among other things, where they could try out some acrobatic manoeuvres with a harness. For the smallest among the children and the less brave, there was a bouncy castle.

Trophies were also prepared for the winners of individual sports events.

The children especially enjoyed the “Bumper Balls”.

A shooting range both for adults and children was also included in the sports activities.

From the left, there’s Ondřej Jun, the winner of the “Biathlon” competition and also the goalie for the “Slévači” (DPL) football team, accepting the trophy from the CEO, Milan Macholán, and the Director for the Centrum Division, Bronislav Stiskálek.