PBS Velka Bites launches a new annealing furnace

Prvni brnenska strojirna Velka Bites (PBS) invests in new production technologies despite the complications related to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of March, the CEO of the company, Milan Macholan, launched a new annealing furnace at the Investment casting division’s premises. PBS’s foundry has been operating for more than 50 years.

PBS Velka Bites launches a new annealing furnace
The Investment casting division is one of the key production segments of PBS. Thanks to this and other divisions, the company can realize 90 % of its turbine propulsion unit manufacture for the aerospace industry in-house. PBS has supplied more than 14 thousand auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, and turbojet engines for various types of aircraft and helicopters worldwide.

However, the PBS foundry also delivers castings for many other industrial sectors:
-    for aircraft engine producers
-    for turbocharger producers
-    for industrial gas turbines producers
-    for glass wool producers
-    for medical joint replacement producers

The newly installed electric annealing furnace made by Teplotechna průmyslové pece, s. r. o. Olomouc, can exert up to 1,200 °C heat. Most of the organic compounds are burnt thanks to the high temperature, which minimizes the emission of combustion by-products. The other main advantage besides the high output is the size of the annealing chamber, where the most difficult shapes of castings can be annealed.

The new annealing furnace is one of the next important steps in the modernization of the Investment casting division. Its daily capacity is up to double in comparison with the previous one. In current times, solutions that increase quality, competitiveness and are environment-friendly at the same time are the most important.“ said Head of investment casting division Petr Horký.

PBS also intensively focuses on the research and development of new alloys. The company acquired several awards for the most successful research projects, e.g., the „Technological agency of the Czech Republic" award and an honourable award in the “Innovation of the year“ competition in 2019. Furthermore, it has received an award in the “Visionaries 2020“ competition this year. Besides these and many other achievements, PBS also holds the title of the “Company of the year“ from 2012 and the prestigious „National quality award“ from 2018.