PBS has received the TA CR Award for the best applied research project

Last week, the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) awarded the seventh prize to the best applied research projects with a high contribution to society. At the TA CR Day, which is opened every year by an international conference and culminates in the prestigious TA CR Awards ceremony attended by members of the government, parliament, research and academic community, and other prominent personalities, the representative receiving the prize was prof. Ing. Karel Hrbáček, DrSc..

PBS has received the TA CR Award for the best applied research project

Source: mpo.cz
The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic Day, which was held under the auspices of Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček, took place on Thursday, 14 November. It was opened by a morning conference on the topic of Challenges for the Future, which addressed the future of research and technological development and the social impact of other innovations in the domestic and global context.
The highlight of TA CR Day was the traditional gala evening and the seventh year of the award of prizes to the best applied research projects, this time in the historical National Museum building. “The TA CR Awards are to reward the highest quality applied research projects of the past year. The award should be a form of motivation for maintaining and encouraging further cooperation in the area of applied research. The prizes are awarded in four categories – Business, Partnership, Cooperation, and Governance. The guests of the gala evening decide who will receive the fifth Czech Idea Award”, said Petr Konvalinka, Chairperson of TA CR. The expert committee chose from thirty-three projects that were shortlisted from hundreds of others.

První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s. and Ústav fyziky materiálů AV ČR, v. v. i. won the Business category with a joint research and development project for precision casting of radial wheels for new generation turbochargers and new types of gas turbine blades.

The result of the project is operationally proven technologies that will be introduced into mass production of this equipment and were developed for precision casting of superalloys, in this case admixtures of cobalt and nickel. All types of the newly designed castings were to some extent different from each other and during their development it was necessary to apply different procedures. Thanks to this diversity, a very extensive and comprehensive production programme for the above-mentioned casting categories has been obtained and all the knowledge gained can be successfully implemented in the future in the development of others. This is experimental research in precision casting, the useful results of which enable mass production of newly developed turbochargers and gas turbines.
The TA CR Award was received on behalf of PBS by Karel Hrbáček and Ludvík Kunz from the Institute of Physics of Materials.

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