The minister of the Republic of Tatarstan at PBS

The Tartarstanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Mr Albert Anvarovič Karimov and the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Mr Ildar Mingallev visited První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s. on 14 November 2016 The managing director of OKB Simonova, Mr Alexandr Gomzin, was also a member of this important delegation.
The visit took place on the occasion of the 5th session of the Joint Work Group for Coordination of Business and Economic Cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan, which took place at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague.
The Republic of Tatarstan is clearly one of the most developed regions in the Russian Federation, with enormous opportunities for development due to the industrial base and mineral wealth in the region. PBS Velká Bíteš considers this visit a chance to show our production and development capabilities to the highest management of the Republic of Tatarstan and to publicize the company’s name in this region.