We Have Expanded our Fleet of Machines

Our Industry Division’s latest significant investment of 2016 is the turning-milling centre Okuma Multus U4000 2SW-1500. This multifunctional piece of machining technology allows for certain turning and milling operations to be merged into one, leading to significant savings on production costs in the case of more complex components.
Machines produced by Japanese manufacturer Okuma are deservedly considered to be at the absolute leading-edge of technology, and the Multus U4000 is no exception. The machine includes a main spindle (32 kW / 3000 RPM), sub-spindle (22 kW / 3800 RPM), upper rotating tool turret (22 kW / 12000 RPM) and a lower turret with optional driven tools (5.5 kW / 6000 RPM). It is capable of machining components with a diameter of up to 650 mm and a length of 1500 mm.
Training for programmers and operators took place in September and serial production of the first parts is currently under way.