We took the new PBS TJ80 jet engine to market

Since the market for small jet engines is more and more competitive, it is necessary that we not only improve the parameters of our existing engines but that we also develop new engines. Development of the TJ80 was started back in 2014. In 2016, the first tests of the engine were carried out and by 2018 serial production was started

We took the new PBS TJ80 jet engine to market

Based on market demand, there was a need to develop a new drive unit which will fulfil the following requirements:

  • maximum optimisation of the engine’s power to weight ratio

  • minimising the face cross-section of the engine

  • the ability to reach the engine’s maximum thrust within seconds

  • any positions for starting and operating the engine

  • lubricating the engine with fuel (without a separate oil system)

The newly developed engine with the designation PBS TJ80 became the positive answer to all the above-stated requirements.
It is a single-shaft jet engine with a single-stage radial compressor, an annular co-current combustion chamber, and a single-stage axial turbine.

The engine is primarily intended for aerial vehicles with a medium or short usage time, mainly for training targets and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It is designed both for applications taking-off from the ground and also from the air. It allows a repeated start-up even at speeds of up to 0.6 M at an altitude of up to 6,000 m.

Besides the standard benefits of our jet engines, the PBS TJ80 has some other beneficial properties:

  • the ability to operate without being lubricated by oil in the fuel; a resource for 2 hours

  • the selectable option of automatically restarting the engine

  • any starting position

  • acceleration from idle to max. rpm - max. 4 sec.

  • reaching 95% rpm from the start command at a speed of 0.4 M - max. 7 seconds

  • very good properties at high speeds and altitudes

According to the preliminary interest of our existing and new customers, we believe that the engine will soon become one of the most important DLT products.

Detailed information about the PBS TJ80 engine can be found  HERE.