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The Safir 5K/G-MI is PBS's leading product on the market, supplying AC voltage to the aircraft onboard network and simultaneously electric power and compressed air in order to start the main engine.
  • Simultaneous supply of electric power and compressed air
  • Continuous operation for 6 hours
  • High reliability
  • Purity of the air supplied to the air-conditioning system
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ecological fuel drainage
  • Optimized operating fluid status signaling
  • Start and operation up to 6,000 m

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The Safir 5K/G MI has a long, proud history within PBS. The foundation for the development of the Safir APUs dates back over 50 years. This particular model (Safir 5K/G MI) began production 20 years ago and has quickly become one of the most popular products sold by PBS. Last year, in 2019, the 1,000th unit rolled off the line and we continue to produce more. 

The success of this APU is due to the fact that we always seek to invest in the long term development of our products, ensuring the most up-to-date technology available. This has translated into exceptional parameters for the Safir 5K/G MI, including continuous operations for 6 hours, a maximum operation altitude of 6,000 m and fuel consumption of 63.55 kg, helping make it one of the most competitive units on the market.

The compressed air can be used for the environmental control system. The auxiliary power unit contains all the necessary accessories for safe operation and momentary as well as long-term diagnostics of the unit. Our expert technicians are constantly monitoring the exhaust gas temperature, revolutions and other indicators. The fuel, oil and oil filter status is also signalled. The control unit, equipped with a RS 422 communication interface, continually collects and records all data.

The Safir APU was certified for civil aviation by AR MAK according to AP-VD and by CCA CZ according to TSO-C77b (recognized by EASA).

Safir 5K/G MI APU Parameters

Technical parameters SI units Imperial units
Nominal power   20 kVA 20 kVA
Power supply 3x 115 V/200 V/ 400 Hz 3x 115 V/200 V/ 400 Hz
Max. bleed air 28,3 kg/min 62,4 lb/min
Fuel consumption 64 kg 141 lb
Height x width 491 x 520 m 19,3 x 20,3 in
Length 788 mm 31 in
Max. altitude 6,000 m 19,700 ft


Why us?

Operates well in extreme climatic conditions

Operates well in extreme climatic conditions

This auxiliary power unit starts and operates at up to 6,000 m, and it can run continuously for up to 6 hours even under extreme climatic conditions.

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