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Boiler for the combustion of sorted municipal waste

Industrial boilers based on Prvni brnenska strojirna, a.s. (PBS Brno) proprietary design for burning communal waste.
  • The boilers allow efficient combustion of municipal waste.
  • Use of modern methods for a long service life of the boiler
During the design and development of the boiler, an optimal solution for the best possible combustion of the given type of fuel was achieved. The boiler provides maximum protection against adverse effects of combustion, especially with regard to the possibility of chlorine corrosion. This type of fuel has a large range of calorific value, water content and ash.

Great attention has been paid to NOx emissions. In cooperation with the Energy Institute at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Brno, a study was conducted on the conversion of nitrogen in fuel to NOx in the flue gas. Based on this study, the combustion chamber was designed to achieve maximum suppression of NOx emissions. The resulting NOx is subsequently reduced by SNCR (selective non-catalytic reduction)
Technical parameters Boiler for the combustion of sorted municipal waste
Flow up to 100 t/h
Pressure up to 4,5 MPa
Fuel separated communal waste
Efficiency 82-90% (based on fuel efficiency)

Why us?

Our own boiler design

Our own boiler design

RDF combustion boilers allow efficient environment-friendly combustion of municipal waste, and they can also be used around residential buildings. 
High-quality protection against chlorine corrosion

High-quality protection against chlorine corrosion

All PBS devices use modern methods to ensure the boiler's long service life and trouble-free operation.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of power engineering equipment

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of turbine set, boiler and boiler island maintenance services.

We provide all repairs in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery including auxiliary equipment.