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Hot water boilers

The compact horizontal hot water boiler with forced circulation.
  • Easy installation of hot water boilers at the site of implementation
  • Certified technicians who put the boiler into operation
The combustion chamber with membrane side walls has burners in the front wall. The first convection bundle is at the end of the combustion chamber. Another convection bundle is located in a sheet metal channel adjacent to the combustion chamber. The pipe system of the combustion chamber is self-supporting.

The perfect tightness of the membrane design of the combustion chamber and the inner sheeting of the convection bundle allows for pressurized combustion. The insulation of the inner casing is made of mineral felt covered with external sheeting. The walling is only around the burners, observation hole and door. To enable acces to the bottom, the boiler is placed on a supporting structure.

The boiler is supplied as a single unit completely assembled in the factory; only the parts that exceed the transport profile or could be damaged during transport are removed. The boilers with an output of over 30 MWt are supplied in blocks that are easily assembled on site. The burner equipment enables automatic operation, i.e. program startup, power regulation and the blocking of operation from the safety elements of the boiler itself and the burner. The hot water boiler is delivered with its supporting structure, inlet and outlet connecting pipes and fittings, field instrumentation and a boiler and burner control system.
Technical parameters Hot water boilers
Boiler output: 5 MWt – 150 MWt 
Fuel gas, oil, biomass, coal
Efficiency: based on fuel efficiency

Why us?

Horizontal boiler design

Horizontal boiler design

The boilers are supplied as one unit, completely assembed inproduction; only the parts exceeding the planned transport profile are connected on the installation site. 
Output of 10 to 100 MWt

Output of 10 to 100 MWt

The wide range of the hot water boiler series in terms of their performance enables us to design and supply devices that meet the exact customer requirements.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of power engineering equipment

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of turbine set, boiler and boiler island maintenance services.

We provide all repairs in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery including auxiliary equipment.