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Oil/gas boilers

We supply steam boilers for the combution of heating oil and gas. The specifications of such boilers are customized to the specific operating conditions of the heating plant. 
  • Industrial boilers designed for operation in heating plants
  • Complete supply of equipment with all the accessories
The parameters of these boilers are specified according to the specific operating conditions in the operators' heating plants.

The boilers are manufactured as single-pass, two-pass or multi-pass, horizontal or vertical, single or two-drum, with natural or forced circulation. The concept is chosen with respect to the required parameters, operating requirements and local conditions. The units are supplied with all accessories, from heat treatment of water and feeding pumps at the water inlet to the boiler, steam ducts including shut-off valves at the steam outlet from the boiler, fuel system including burners, and the boiler system (flue ducts, chimney).

The boiler also includes measuring and regulation, electrical wiring, chemical dosing, and all the necessary pumps, fans, expanders, walkways and stairs. If necessary, the boilers can be equipped with a device for cleaning the heating surfaces, i.e. steam blowers or water washers.
Technical parameters Oil/gas boilers
Flow (steam) 200 t/h (up to 50 t/h)
Pressure up to 14 MPa (up to 3.0 MPa)
Fuel heating oil, gas
Efficiency heating oil 90-96%, gas up to 97.8% (based on fuel efficiency)

Why us?

Effective combustion of heating oil and gas

Effective combustion of heating oil and gas

We supply steam boilers designed for oil and gas combustion equipped with modern technology suitable for heating plants of different sizes under the PBS brand. 
Boilers including accessories

Boilers including accessories

The boilers are always designed with regard to local conditions, and they include all accessories from water heat treatment, steam ducts and burners to exhaust ducts.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of power engineering equipment

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of turbine set, boiler and boiler island maintenance services.

We provide all repairs in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery including auxiliary equipment.