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Svetlana Holicka
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EPC contracts

In cooperation with business partners, Prvni brnenska strojirna, a.s. (PBS Brno) offers the complete construction of power units (biomass power plants, heating units) for biomass combustion and the joint production of electricity and heat.
  • Professional project teams for the implementation of contracts of varying extent and type
  • Well-established subcontractors for  the construction and the supply of specific accessories
We provide the complete design, construction, production and development of power units. We not only complete the device, we also design and manufacture basic components.

The following can be used as fuel:

  • Biomass (straw, pellets, wood chips, energy crops, etc.)
  • Fuel gas (natural gas, biogas, coke-oven gas, etc.)
  • Liquid fuel (diesel, petrol, kerosene, fuel oil, etc.)
The power units are usually in the following range:
700 kW – 3 MW using CSTG extraction condensing turbines
3 MW – 30 MW using TG extraction condensing turbines

 As part of the contract, PBS also provides:

  • Inlet and outlet piping including valves, orifice plates, reducers and heating compensators.
  • The concrete base under the turbine, including a static and dynamic calculation.
  • Complete condensing part including the condenser, condensate pumps, low-pressure or high-pressure heater, gland steam condenser, operating vacuum pump, starting and emergency ejector.
  • Generator power outlet including voltage regulation, power factor (cos ϕ) and synchronization, high-voltage and low-voltage switchgear, power transformers and regulation of stand-alone operation.
  • Overhead crane or lifting device.
  • Cooling circuit including cooling towers, cooling water pumps, tank, etc.
  • Circuits for the production and distribution of compressed air.
  • Complete measurement and regulation including data collection, archiving and evaluation.
  • Buildings for the above mentioned facilities.
  • In cooperation with financial institutions, we offer our customers the creation of various project financing models.

Why us?

Complete construction services

Complete construction services

For complete construction services, PBS only cooperates with proven construction and specific accessory subcontractors according to the particular project.

Experienced project team

Experienced project team

For the implementation and management of each particular contract, a professional project team is created from PBS staff according to the extent and type of project.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of power engineering equipment

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of turbine set, boiler and boiler island maintenance services.

We provide all repairs in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery including auxiliary equipment.