Reconstruction and modernization of turbines

PBS Brno owns the complete documentation for turbine sets that have been historically manufactured under the brand name of První brněnská strojírna.
  • Reconstruction and modification of operating parameters
  • Modernization and automation of turbine sets
  • Replacement of turbine sets
The typical process of complete turbine reconstruction consists of a comprehensive revision of the entire turbine set including the accessories. The range of services starts with the disassembly of the entire turbine set including accessories, its complete measurement and indication, an expert assessment of the current condition of the device, the creation of an inspection report and consultation with the customer, the provision of all necessary spare parts, performance of necessary repairs and modifications, reinstallation of the turbine set and commissioning.
Reconstruction and modification of operating parameters 
Operator's request for changes to operating parameters
Improved turbine set operating economy
Minimum costs incurred by the customer
Complete turbine set conversion
Design of flow parts
Implementation of proposed measures and optimization of the machine
Modernization and automation of turbine sets 
Operator's request for modernization
Modernization and automation of older types of turbine sets
Increasing the technical level of existing turbine sets while maintaining the existing equipment
Achieving optimal results of the turbine set operation
Increasing the overall efficiency of the unit
Minimizing power and energy losses
Replacement of turbine sets 
Operator's request for a complete replacement of the turbine set
Preservation of the existing structural part
Preservation of the powered equipment and connected operating sets
Replacement of a turbine set at the end of its service life with a new one
Replacement of a turbine set at the end of its service life with a modernized one
We will design a new type that best suits the new technology requirements 

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Optimization of operating parameters

Optimization of operating parameters

During the reconstruction of turbine sets, itis possible to optimize the operating parameters according to the customer's new requirements after a thorough initial analysis of the current state of the device.
Complete device modernization

Complete device modernization

After prior agreement with the customer, the original turbine can befitted with current technology in order to optimally use the potential ofthe given device.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of power engineering equipment

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of turbine set, boiler and boiler island maintenance services.

We provide all repairs in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery including auxiliary equipment.