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Turbine engine AI-PBS-350

The AI-PBS-350, a joint project between Ivchenko-Progress SE and PBS, is the latest engine in its thrust class. It is specifically optimised for use in single mission UAV systems. It is a compact engine with a four-stage axial compressor and a single-stage axial turbine.

The AI-PBS-350 is becoming the most powerful engine produced by PBS, Czech Republic, EU, a trusted supplier of aerospace products.

Technical parameters

Basic technical parameters Metric Imperial
Max. thrust 3,400 N 764.35 Ibf
Weight 51 kg 112.43 lb
Outer diameter 298 mm 11.73 in
Length 706 mm 27.79 in
Electrical Power output 5.0 kW 5.0 kW
Specific fuel consumption 0.12 kg/N/h 1.22 lb/lbf/hr

Main features

  • Excellent thrust to weight ratio
  • From idle to max in less than 6 seconds
  • Windmill starting
  • Pyrotechnic ignition
  • Digital engine control unit
  • Fuel metering pump

Service, spare parts and overhauls of aerospace technology

We provide service of the highest quality for all users of our aerospace technology products.

We have long been working to extend the service life of our products, e.g. by introducing new technologies to produce the most exposed parts. Our turbine-based aircraft equipment regularly receives very good references.