Research and development in PBS

Participation in innovative projects, the introduction of new machines and the continuous education of staff guarantee the constant development and advancement of PBS.
The goal of PBS is to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible while staying a step ahead of the competition. In order to achieve this vision, we have made research and development an integral part of our production process. We regularly invest in state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to continuously extend the service life and improve the parameters of our products and services.
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Areas of innovation

PBS – a customer-oriented company

Research and development that meets the expectations of our customers are clearly the primary engines of success for PBS, not only in the aerospace industry but also in the power and cryogenic sectors. The individual departments that focus on development form some of the strongest parts of our company. The close collaboration between our R&D departments and business-marketing teams, which continuously track the latest trends on the market, are also a matter of fact. The business-marketing teams act as ambassadors who deliver the requirements of customers and the results of market analyses to PBS. The development of new products and the improvement of the parameters of existing ones provide a guarantee for the future growth of both PBS and its customers.

Higher efficiency and future growth

To succeed, PBS relies on continuous development and innovation in the aerospace industry while ensuring that its products meet the strictest safety standards, even under extreme conditions. In the past two years, we have introduced two turbojet engines to the market: the TJ80 and TJ150, with a thrust of 900 and 1500 N, respectively.

Modern software

PBS designs new types of steam and expansion gas turbines in order to meet the evolving needs of its customers; the continuous innovation of turbines allows us to increase their efficiency as well as improve other parameters.

Optimisation and customised solutions

PBS projects dealing with cryogenic devices are handled on an individual basis; we respond to the customer’s specific requirements already at the stage where the cryogenic systems housing our products are optimised. We also flexibly react to market demand; for instance, we are currently innovating a helium expansion turbine in order to increase its output by 3.5 kW.

Grant projects

PBS regularly invests in the purchase of new production technologies, optimisation of production processes, and the development and marketing of new products.
We work with research institutions and organisations and make use of various grant programmes.
  • The ESPOSA project – research and development of new propulsion technologies for small-scale aviation, from design and production of engine components up to the engine installation methodology in small aircraft. PBS Velká Bíteš participated in this project with two of its engines – the turboprop TP 100 and turboshaft TS 100.
  • The DISRUPT project – development of an innovative, safe ultralight two-seat turbine helicopter. PBS is participating in the project through the development of a turbine engine based on the TS 100 with an additional alternator.
  • Projects with ESF CZ – within the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme, První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš took part in projects co-financed by the European Social Funds with the goal of increasing the attractiveness of technical fields for elementary school pupils. 
  • TAČR projects – support for applied research and experimental development (Alfa). PBS handled several projects, from researching the integrity of surfaces, through the implementation of new progressive production technologies on 4- and 5-axis machining centres and the development of modern aviation systems, up to research and development on technologies for the precision casting of radial wheels of next-generation turbochargers and of new types of blades for gas turbines.
  • OP PIK projects – PBS took part in the Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness Operational Programme via its project entitled “Air conditioning systems and auxiliary power units for helicopters”.