Spare parts, Service and Overhauls of power engineering equipment 

PBS is an original manufacturer and supplier of steam turbines. In addition to this, we provide full service, maintenance and operation, supply original spare parts and perform overhauls. 

Our knowledge and experience allow us to perform repairs and service on products and solutions from other suppliers, especially in the heating industry. The indisputable advantages in such cases are our engineering-production capabilities and capacities, which make us more flexible in supplying spare parts. For more information, please contact our experts.



We offer our customers a comprehensive range of services. We provide servicing of turbine sets.

We provide all repairs for steam turbines in the framework of revisions, as well as outside of this framework in the case of sudden failures or breakdowns. The turbine repairs can range from medium repairs of individual components to overhauls of machinery, including auxiliary equipment.

Companies in the PBS Group hold the complete documentation for technological units historically manufactured under the PBS brand. Using the serial number of a machine, we can find all the documentation necessary for the service, including measuring protocols, clearance, changes in production documentation, etc.

Complete service of turbines produced by us

  • Technical assistance in assessing the state of the equipment being operated
  • Revisions
  • Repairs
  • Commissioning



PBS, as an original manufacturer of steam turbines, provides overhauls for all supplied products according to the original documentation and using original spare parts.