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Pavel Prokes
Pavel Prokes
Pavel Prokes
Director of the galvanizing plant

Ceramic core leaching

We offer technology for removing ceramic cores in a leaching autoclave that removes the ceramic cores in castings for demanding applications in the aviation and power engineering industries.
  • Quicklock® Door - patented design, quick and safe operation
  • Electric heating - cost-effective, efficient, clean and low-maintenance solution
  • Programmable control system
  • Integrated wash cycle
Thanks to this sophisticated technology, itis easier to remove the most complex ceramic cores, as opposed to the basic leaching in bathtubs for a short period of time. It is possible to use cores with a minimum SiO2
amount of 80% for the leaching, due to the aggressive potassium hydroxide lye (KOH) with a concentration of 38–42 %.We can leach parts up to a maximum diameter of 500 mm and a maximum height of 460 mm, with a maximum running time of 3 days for one process. For standard and verified parts, the time requirements can be reduced by up to several hours.

The use of this device will provide greater efficiency, better thrust and economic efficiency of turbine operation, especially for those using complex parts with complex cavities that make cleaning very problematic, where the leaching technology is often the only option for meeting these demanding customer requirements.

This technology was developed as part of the project "Innovation of the production process of precision castings of hot parts of aircraft engines, stationary gas turbines and radial turbocharger wheels".

LBBC Leaching Autoclave LC600

Technical Parameters Values
Operating pressure 900 – 100 psi
Operating temperature 140 – 160 °C
Operating cycle 6 h
Chamber diameter 600 mm
Chamber height 1 200 mm
Maximum casting dimensions: diameter 500 mm
Maximum casting dimensions: height 380 mm
Maximum load 180 kg
Lye 40 % KOH

Why us?

Effective removal of ceramic cores

Effective removal of ceramic cores

We offer a quick ceramic core removal system using potassium hydroxide in a Quicklock leaching autoclave equipped with several safety mechanisms to ensure safe operation.
Reduced length of leaching cycles from days to hours

Reduced length of leaching cycles from days to hours

In comparison with leaching in classic tubs, the process is considerably accelerated, because the entire cycle using the autoclave only takes 6 hours.