Turbine blade coating

Jet engine and combustion turbine blade coating
  • Protection against high temperature oxidation and increased corrosion resistance of the parts.
  • Extended service life of the parts.
  • Extended time before overhaul.
  • Improved performance parameters.
We are constantly working on increasing the performance of combustion turbine-based products. The coated parts have a beneficial effect on improving the performance of engines and turbines, and they significantly contribute to extending the time between overhauls, thus overall extending the service life of the devices.

Coating furnace VVTR - 5016/16 SECO/WARWICK - a vertical vacuum retort furnace

Technical parameters Values
Working space Ø 400 mm, v = 400 mm
Aluminum diffusion coating "Out of Pack" method
Usual coating thickness 40 μm to 70 μm
Deposition temperature > 1,000°C
Maximum operating temperature of coating 1,100°C
Coated material INC713LC

Why us?

Experience with the use of this technology on our own products

Experience with the use of this technology on our own products

We are constantly working on improving the useful properties of our products. Thanks to this, we have lots of experience with the coating of flow parts of jet engine turbines.
Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

The capacity of our coating furnace enables us to coat large and small batches of blades.