A new school year started in the Centre for Practical Education

It’s September once again and it is not only the start of the 2018/2019 school year, but there is also some room to evaluate the results of the students at our Centre for Practical Education in the preceding year.
A new school year started in the Centre for Practical Education
All the students passed successfully their final exam, if they had fulfilled their obligations and were allowed to sit it. They received their vocational certificate and four of them decided to continue on into the extension study at the J. Tiray SOŠ. The others were offered jobs by PBS Velká Bíteš and PBS Turbo. 

For the 2018/2019 school year, we’ve once again welcomed new students into our metal machinist and mechanic – setter.

We have 12 students in the metal machinist study programme. The students were offered a scholarship with the subsequent commitment of staying at PBS for 3 years after finishing their studies. We try to motivate these students to aspire to better results by way of a quarterly evaluation, which is accompanied by a reward for the best of the best. They have the chance to select from a range of vouchers (for example, fitness, cinema, contribution to driving lessons, mobile internet data, and so on). 

There are seventeen students in the first year of the mechanic – setter programme , who are visiting our Centre of Practical Education for just one year. The other three years are completed at the J. Tiray SOŠ. But PBS also motivates these students to reach the best possible study results by offering them a job and rewarding the best of them with a scholarship for the entire duration of their studies and preparing them for specialised positions at PBS. 
In their second year, 12 students are continuing with us and there are also 12 in the third year.
In total, the Centre for Practical Education is preparing a total of 53 students for their future jobs, which is two more than last year.

We wish everyone, and especially the newcomers, a lot of good study successes and an interest in their selected field so that they can become part of our team once finished with their studies. Our main and mutual goal is to continue to maintain good results while educating the younger generation.

Bc. Aleš Janíček
Director of the Centre for Practical Education