Presentation of the PBS TJ150 engine during the social event in Brno

PBS Velká Bíteš a.s. (hereinafter “PBS”) hosts an annual social event for its customers, business partners, and other invited guests. On this occasion this year, the new PBS TJ150 turbojet engine was presented. It is intended mainly for installation in unmanned aerial vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft equipment. Serial production of this product will begin before the end of the year.
Presentation of the PBS TJ150 engine during the social event in Brno
This year, the company launched its second turbine engine type, which is very rare in the aviation industry due to the complexity involved in development, production, and engine testing. Additionally, everything is implemented within capacity in Velká Bíteš.

The first type of turbine engine with the designation PBS TJ80 and a maximum thrust of 900N was launched in the middle of the year. A specific of the PBS TJ80 among other things is the absence of a separate oil system, which greatly lowers the weight and the outer diameter.  Another property is the possibility to start in any orientation on the ground or in mid-flight.
But let’s go back to our newly presented engine. The main advantage of the PBS TJ150 is its excellent thrust-to-weight ratio, and also the engine's outer diameter, which are the most monitored parameters in this aircraft drive category.  Further advantages include its compact design, an integrated starter generator, reliability when starting up the engine under harsh climate conditions, and the added possibility of starting in mid-flight at high speeds and high altitudes.

Also present at the press conference was RNDr. Jiří Hynek, president and executive director of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic. He devoted his speech to the rich history of the Czech industry and also to Czech policy on exports, which currently represents about 80% of domestic production.
Among other contributions at the press conference was the speech from Ing. Josef Kašpar, who is the president of the Association of the Czech AeroSpace Industry. In his speech, he assessed the current situation in the Czech defence and aerospace industry and praised the innovative abilities of PBS. “Thanks to PBS, the Czech Republic and its industry have a better reputation in the world,” Kašpar said.

Following Kašpar's speech, Ing. Roman Kolka, Director of the Aerospace Technology Division, made an appearance.  He gave the attending journalists a closer look at the development and production process of the PBS TJ150, which was exceptionally fast (having began in 2016), and, among other things, was aided by the use of 3D printing technologies during the turbine production stage.
PA020464-1.JPGFrom left to right: Ing. Jiří Kašpar and Ing. Roman Kolka
“The PBS TJ150 engine is our fifth type of jet engine.  After its market launch, we will broaden our selection in power categories from 200 to 1,500 Newtons of thrust.  This complete engine line will allow us to reach a wider spectrum of customers, which mainly includes the manufacturers of UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, whose products find use in many different fields, including the defence industry,” added the CEO, Ing. Milan Macholán.