The World Premiere of the Purely Czech PBS TJ150 Jet Engine at the Trade Fair in China

Airshow China is a significant international aviation trade fair which is held every 2 years. PBS will be presenting their jet engines here. This year’s event begins in the Chinese city of Zhuhai in the Canton province on November 6, 2018. This trade fair belongs among the biggest aviation events in the region. For example, there will be an airshow to see during the trade fair's opening.
The World Premiere of the Purely Czech PBS TJ150 Jet Engine at the Trade Fair in China
The exhibition is aimed at both the civilian and military aviation industry and news in the aviation industry. Approximately 600 exhibitors from countries throughout the world will take part in the event. They will be presenting their products to both the general public and professionals. The exhibition can accommodate up to 320,000 visitors. 

China belongs among those countries where the aviation industry is undergoing a broad growth. This fact is also proved by the intention to build 50 completely new airports throughout the country by 2020. 
The Chinese market is important for PBS. We have been supplying our aviation products to China for almost 25 years. We are taking part in this trade fair as exhibitors and we will also hold an international press conference at which we will introduce the PBS TJ150 engine.
At the PBS stand, among other things, our two newest jet engines will be presented, the PBS TJ80 and PBS TJ150. A demonstrative visualization of the jet engines and their applications will be available for the visitors.

The press conference will take place on Wednesday, November 7, at 9.30 a.m. local time in the presence of Ing. Jiří Havlíček, the deputy minister of industry and commerce and also in the presence of Mr Lukáš Opatrný, M.A., the representative of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing. 
We will launch our latest member of the family of aircraft motors - the PBS TJ150 jet engine - as part of the press conference.