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Lubor Smericka
Lubor Smericka
Lubor Smericka
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The system is designed for air-conditioning and ventilation of Mi-8/17/171 series helicopters, with the option of modifications for other applications.
  • Ability to draw air from both the APU and the main engines
  • Cooling, heating and ventilation in one compact system
  • Ecological operation - no coolant
  • Minimal power consumption
ECS-M1V modifies hot compressed air taken from the APU or the main engines to the required temperature of the air entering the helicopter cockpit. The system allows ventilation, heating and cooling of the pilot cockpit, passenger cabin and helicopter cargo area on the ground and in all its flight modes.

Environmental control system parameters

Technical parameters SI units Imperial units
Cooling performance max. 10.8 kW max. 36,900 BTU/hr
Heating performance max. 62.0 kW  max. 211,800 BTU/hr
Airflow max. 1,500 kg/h max. 3,300 lbs/hr
Temperature of air entering the cockpit +15°C to +30°C +59°F to +86°F
Weight 60 kg  132.3 lbs
Dimensions length x height x width 1,695 × 592 × 466 mm 66.73 × 23.31 × 18.35 in
Operating altitude 0 to 6,000 m 0 to 19,700 ft
Service life 12,000 h 12,000 hr

Data sheet to download here.

Why us?

Compact design

Compact design

The PBS ECS-M1V environmental control system is lightweight, with simple installation and a compact design.
Pneumatic control

Pneumatic control

The system also enables freely closing the air conditioning inlet into the cargo compartment and redistributing it to the upper and lower distribution systems.

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