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Petr Babak
Petr Babak
Petr Babak
Cryogenics Department


Cryogenic compressors are designed for compressing inert gases.
  • Compact design
  • Option of connecting an intercooler
  • High efficiency
  • Long serviceability and maintenance-free operating period 
Single or multi-stage PBS cryogenic compressors are primarily designed to exhaust very low-temperature vapor from liquid helium tanks. However, the compressors can also work with other inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, air, etc.

In PBS we deal with each project for each customer individually, which enables ustoflexibly respond to requirements in the process of optimizing the particular system in which the compressor is incorporated, as well asto adapt the system to different working media.  

The compressor design is modular. The casings are divided into four standardized lines for different working media parameters and impeller sizes. The compressor is driven byan electric engine defined by the customer.

Main parameters of cryogenic compressors

Technical parameters Values
Volumetric flow rate 10–115 g/s
Impeller diameter 40–280 mm
Min. inlet pres 0.001 MPa
Min. inlet tempera 4 K
Max. revolutions per minute 90,000 min-1

Why us?

Various working gases

Various working gases

PBS cryogenic compressors are used in research and industry in processes for the liquefaction of helium, nitrogen, argon, etc.
Wide range of application

Wide range of application

PBS cryogenic compressor units have been used in a number of renowned research institutions, as well as in industry and healthcare.

Cryogenic technology service

PBS provides direct and indirect support for all of its cryogenic products during installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

If necessary, we perform all service interventions in the customer's facilities.
We also offer professional technical training for service personnel.