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Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Director of the Industry Division

Decanter centrifuge service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of decanter centrifuges in the framework ofservice contracts as well asin emergency situations. We can provide all types of service from overhauls to preventive testing of machines.

We have a team of experienced professionals, who will make sure you are maximally satisfied when needed, and their work is of the highest quality. Only professional service by our staff will ensure long-term reliable operation.  Our decanter centrifuge portfolio of services includes activities from the sale of spare parts and telephone consultancy to machine overhauls. As far as possible, we can also repair machines of competing brands.


Service and maintenance

During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, the machine is worn out at rotational speeds of about 3500 revolutions/min. To maintain optimal machine performance and its long-term operation at 100%, it is necessary to perform regular service inspections and maintenance. We can contractually guarantee these service interventions and recommend their frequency. We can also perform these interventions in the case of a current issue upon the customer's request. We offer service interventions on your premises, where our experienced staff come to you and perform the repairs on-site. The duration of these service interventions is usually 1 working day. If necessary, our service team will recommend rotor balancing directly in your factory. After this type of repair, you can be sure that the device is operating at 100% again and the service life of the machine is extended.

A PBS service intervention will give you:

  • A personal approach to each service intervention in relation to the requirements of your operation
  • Service performed by an experienced team of co-workers
  • Quick reaction times
  • 100% use of quality original spare parts
  • Professional counseling for your staff, including an optimum machine setup to minimize the need for service interventions and to obtain the maximum required output values from the centrifuge.
  • Quality service at unbeatably low market rates


A decanter centrifuge is a device that is likely to be overhauled after a period of time depending on the intensity of operation and the centrifuged suspension. This is a situation where damage to the internal parts of the centrifuge is so great that the function of the centrifuge itself is in jeopardy and it must be brought into our plant, the damaged parts must be restored by our staff, or new parts must be manufactured. However, we try to delay these types of service repairs with regular service inspections.

During our repairs, we guarantee the use of original spare parts and original technologies used in the initial manufacture of the machines themselves.

An overhaul performed by our staff will give you:

  • Complete restoration of the machine for further use in your plant
  • A warranty for the repair
  • Always original spare parts
  • If continuous operation of the decanter centrifuge is necessary, we will arrange a replacement rotor on the basis of a lease, or you can borrow an entire separation system in our mobile version.
  • Repairs for unbeatably low market rates
  • Professional approach from all our co-workers

Spare parts

If you need to replace a worn-out part, you can request a consultation and price quote for spare parts after the expiration of the warranty period. After this consultation, we will send you the requested spare part. However, it is important to realize that when you replace the spare parts by yourself, although you will save costs for our service and maintenance, a service intervention performed this way:

  • May not always address the cause but only the consequence of the problem
  • May cause damage to the machine due to the lack of our know-how for the machine's structure
  • Such servicing will never be better than service by our experienced staff
  • Does not include a warranty for the supplied part, because we can never guarantee its proper application