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Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Director of the Industry Division

Mobile decanter centrifuges

An ideal solution for the operation of multiple smaller wastewater treatment plants without a sludge thickener, and for testing the suitability of the decanter centrifuge in various industrial plants before the actual purchase of a stationary decanter centrifuge. 
This version is suitable for operators of smaller wastewater treatment plants, municipal associations, or those who want to rent and try our decanter centrifuge before buying over a longer period of time. Before the purchase, we will test the suitability of this technology interms of the quality of the separation and the resulting dry matter directly at the site of its future application, using our mobile decanter centrifuge. Its easy operation is also ensured with an automatic mode, in which the separation can occur over the long term.  

Application of mobile decanter centrifuges

  • Optimal sludge drainage solution for WWTPs with a capacity of 1 000 ÷ 5 000PE
  • A suitable solution for municipal associations or operators of smaller WWTPs
  • Performance of sludge drainage tests
  • Dealing with customers' immediate operational needs
  • Possibility of long-term lease 

Mobile solution

Technical parameters DO301 DO250 - twin-engine
Drum diameter (mm) 300 250
Volumetric flow rate (m3/hod.) 2-8 1-4
Weight (kg) 926 1 010
Population equivalent 10 000- 20 000 2 500 - 12 000

Application of mobile decanter centrifuges

Testing the suitability of the use of decanter centrifuges in industrial applications

The mobile PBS decanter centrifuge is a unique solution for testing the drainability of sludges and industrial suspensions directly in operation. Our trailer with the type of decanter centrifuge selected by you can come to your facilities to allow you to test the function of this solution in your production technology.

Municipal wastewater treatment plants and solving emergency situations

Mobile PBS decanter centrifuges are used for sludge drainage in wastewater treatment plants without a sludge processing system. Our centrifuges are used by municipalities as well as municipal associations, or operators of a large number of small WWTPs.
Mobile PBS decanter centrifuges are also an ideal solution for bridging the time gap when an existing sludge processing system cannot perform its function at 100%. For example, if a WWTP is overloaded or undergoing reconstruction, or in the event of a breakdown of the existing separation technology in an industrial application.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of decanter centrifuges

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of decanter centrifuges in the framework of service contracts as well as in emergency situations.

We can provide all types of service from overhauls to preventive testing of machines. Our decanter centrifuge portfolio of services includes activities from the sale of spare parts and telephone consultancy to machine overhauls.