We offer balancing of different types of rotors, impellers and other rotating parts with a guarantee ofadhering to the required paramters. 
  • We balance rotating parts for a wide range of uses from power engineering, to racing road bikes to rotary wood shredders.
  • We provide a wide range of services from consulting to design and the production ofbalancing products.
  • We offer quality services at reasonable prices according to individual calculations.
We offer our customers additional refurbishment of parts before the balancing itself. 

Technical parameters

Balancer Maximum length/diameter Weight ofcomponent Balancing speed
Schenck H 40
(Drive through the flange)
2400 / 1600 mm 1300 kg do 1300 min-1
(Belt drive)
1200 / 500 mm 150 kg 125 – 2560 min-1

Why us?

Years of experience by top experts

Years of experience by top experts

PBS balancing staff have extensive experience in the field, thanks to which they provide top quality services. 
Complete services

Complete services

We provide complete services, including product manufacture and issuing a balancing report.