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Stanislav Vala
Stanislav Vala
Stanislav Vala
Technology Department

Electrical discharge machining

We offer chip-free machining with electrospark technology for the production parts and molds of complex shapes.
  • Chip-free machining of parts made of steel, aluminum alloys and non-ferrous metal alloys.
  • Machining of materials that are hard to machine, i.e. INCONEL, STELLITE, MAR and TITANIUM.
  • Removing of broken tool pieces from holes without destroying the workpiece.
We offer our customers the machining of parts of complex shapes with high precision and quality of the machined surface. It is possible to machine even very hard materials without the action of mechanical forces between the tool and the work piece

Basic parameters

Working table
Dimensions 1070 x 450 x 400 mm (W x H x D)
Accuracy from 5 μm

Why us?

High precision and quality of the surface
High precision and quality of the surface
Our machinery allows us to offer electrical discharge machining and cutting with precision from 5 µm.
Machining very complicated shapes
Machining very complicated shapes
The possibility of producing such shapes that cannot or can be produced with difficulty by conventional methods.