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Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Director of the Industry Division

Precision machining including machining of large parts

We offer precision machining of both rotating and non-rotating castings, forgings and weldments according to customer documentation. We supply heavyweight weldments including the provision of material, heat treatment and surface treatment.
  • Precision machining of castings from various kinds of cast iron and light metals, weldments and forgings.
  • Machining of materials difficult to machine.
  • Machining of complex rotary parts.
  • Measuring on a 3D measuring machine for external customers.
We provide serial and single-piece machining of cast iron castings and light metal alloys.

We have the technological know-how for machining hard-to-treat metals and alloys such as INCONEL, MAR, STELLITE and TITANIUM alloys.

We process the technical drawings in a CAD/CAM environment, where we generate a program for a CNC machine and 3D measuring device. For each workpiece, we can supply a dimensional inspection protocol.

Technical parameters

Turning  Max. turning diameter Max. turning length
3, 4 and 5-axis horizontal CNC machines 600 mm 1,100 mm
3, 4 and 5-axis vertical CNC machines 1,200 mm 800 mm
Conventional machines 2,100 mm 8,000 mm
Milling and drilling Max. table size Max. workpiece height 
3, 4, 5-axis horizontal CNC machining centres 3,000 x 2,000 mm 1,250 mm
3, 4, 5-axis vertical CNC machining centres 2,500 x 900 mm 800 mm
Classic horizontal boring machine 6,000 x 2 000 mm 1 250 mm

Why us?

Manipulation with heavy workpieces and weldments.

Manipulation with heavy workpieces and weldments.

Thanks to two bridge cranes we can manipulate with workpieces up to 20 tons.
Experience with the machining of large workpieces.

Experience with the machining of large workpieces.

We have modern machinery and an experienced team of workers, enabling us to process large parts up to a diameter of 2,100 mm and a length of 8,000 mm.