We offer welding of black and stainless steel for the manufacture of basic production machine elements, including the production of heavyweight weldments.  
  • Complex delivery of weldments, including the provision of metallurgical material, its cutting and welding.
  • Machining and final surface treatment of weldments.
  • Measuring on a 3D measuring machine, including an issued protocol.
We supply weldments made of different materials for both serial and single-piece production for our customers.

Technical parameters of the weldment

Weldment dimensions (length x width x height) Weight of weldments
5 x 3 x 2 m up to 20 tons

Why us?

Supply of weldments made from different materials

Supply of weldments made from different materials

We also perform hard weld deposits on parts where extremely high hardness and resistance of the material is required.
Weld testing

Weld testing

We perform weld inspections by destructive and non-destructive testing.