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Jet Engine PBS TJ80-120

PBS TJ80-120 is a small sub-sonic jet engine designed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including target drones, remote carriers, unmanned combat systems, and other disposable aircraft. Its main advantage is the excellent thrust to weight ratio of 1,200 N at 12.8 kg including accessories.
  • Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio
  • Compact design
  • Built-in BLDC starter-generator including control unit (ECU) and inverter
  • Electric start
  • Quick air-start under 7 seconds
  • Lubrication with fuel mixed with oil, maintenance-free operation
  • Windmill starting option under 7 seconds
The PBS TJ80-120 jet engine is a great example of the continuous development and innovation we aim for in our company. Based on its predecessor, the PBS TJ80-120 jet engine, this engine combines all of the original features together with a significant improvement of the key attributes.

We increased the thrust and air mass flow while maintaining the high-quality standard of all PBS products. The maximum measured thrust reached 1,200 N while the engine's weight went up only by 0.7 kg compared to PBS TJ80 900 N at 12.1 kg. The possibilities of ground and in-flight start and restart and saltwater recovery remain unchanged. Furthermore, the engine can be started rather quickly using the windmill starting option.


Also, the properties of starting and operating envelopes have not changed. The maximum altitude and speed of the starting envelope remained 6,000 m and 0.6 M, which is satisfactory for air-launched applications. The operating envelope limits stand at 10,000 m altitude and speed of 0.9 M.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters Metric units Imperial units
Max. thrust  1,200 N 269.7 lbf
Length 636 mm  25.04 in
Weight 12.8 kg 28.21 lb
Outer diameter  235 mm  9.25 in

Key features

Pyrotechnic ignition

Pyrotechnic ignition

The engine allows to start in seconds
Salt water recovery - under development

Salt water recovery - under development

The engine allows reuse after landing in salt water

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