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Pavel Rosendorf
Pavel Rosendorf
Pavel Rosendorf
Technical Services Department
Aircraft gearboxes

Aircraft gearboxes

We offer the production of complete aircraft gearboxes and reducers, or the grinding of separate gears.
We are experienced in the production of the main L-159 trainer aircraft gearbox for a Honeywell F-124 engine, to which it is connected with an elastic PTO shaft. The gearbox drives the electric generator, two hydraulic pumps and air-starter turbines. The gearbox has an integrated oil system with an oil tank, pump and filter.

We also have long-term experience in the production of reducers for our turboprop engine PBS TP100 and ourturboshaft engine PBS TS100.

Gearbox parameters

Technical parameters Values
Max. shaft speed 16,000 revolutions/min.
Maximum input power 124.0 kW
Maximum speed of electric generator and hydraulic pumps 8,000 revolutions/min.
Maximum electric generator power 58.0 kW
Maximum hydraulic pump power 33.0 kW (2 x 16.5 kW)
Flight altitude 15,250 m
Working conditions from -40° to +75°C
Weight 45.0 kg + 5 kg oil

Why us?

Variability according to individual applications

Variability according to individual applications

Our gearboxes are manufactured in various modifications according to customer requirements.
High reliability

High reliability

The total expected service life is 25 years or 9,000 startups with a 30-second startup time.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of aerospace technology

We provide service of the highest quality for all users of our aerospace technology products.

We have long been working to extend the service life of our products, e.g. by introducing new technologies to produce the most exposed parts. Our turbine-based aircraft equipment regularly receives very good references.