Social responsibility

The social, environmental and economic aspects of social responsibility are directly incorporated in the business strategy of PBS.

Being “socially responsible” is not just about the approach and the behaviour of our company as a whole, but also represents a lifestyle choice of our employees.

The environment

  • we protect natural resources
  • we save energy
  • we purchase products that have a low environmental impact

Code of conduct

  • we reject corruption and are transparent
  • we protect intellectual property and support economic sustainability
  • we place emphasis on loyalty

Quality of life of employees

  • we strictly follow the principles of human rights
  • we maintain high work standards
  • we support the harmonious work-life balance of employees

Local communities and society as a whole

  • we follow the principles of corporate philanthropy
  • we support cultural and sports events
  • we also think of the future and support education

We help those in need

Our company has been providing long-term support to the Březejc home for mentally and physically handicapped youth and children. In addition to providing financial support, every year PBS employees help decorate and clean the Březejc home and the Kociánka Centre, where they help its employees clean up the building and work on the garden. The work-filled afternoon ends with a friendly gathering around a fire.

The head of the centre, Mrs. Doležalová, commented on the activities of our employees as follows:
“In spite of the bad weather, they not only did a great job but also showed a lot of enthusiasm and passion. It was truly a sight to behold to see how well coordinated your team is. Thanks to your work, our centre is now much nicer – it has blossomed in a way which brings happiness to both its users and employees. We are very grateful for your unselfish work – my sincere thanks.”

Sports in PBS

Last year took place in Velka Bites the first “active family afternoon” organised by PBS. The whole event started by drawing lots in order to create football teams. The teams went on to compete for a valuable prize – the PBS Cup. However, the afternoon not only focused on football fans, but also offered something for the partners and children of employees. Aside from the entertaining view of the game, they could take part in other sports activities ranging from aerobics through table tennis up to the possibility of trying out a bungee trampoline.

The satisfied expressions on the faces of all the participants clearly showed that the sports day was indeed a success. A similar active sports-filled family afternoon is already planned. Wisit the next active familly afternoon on the 16th of June 2018.