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The PBS APU SPARK40 is PBS's new generation auxiliary power unit, capable of supplying twice as much AC power to the aircraft onboard systems as its predecessor, and simultaneously compressed air in order to start the main engine or feed the environmental control system.

PBS APU SPARK40 represents the new generation of the successful APU SAFIR 5K/G MI, of which more than 1,200 units already operate worldwide.

Significant changes have been made to individual subsystems and parts to improve overall reliability and operating envelope. Specifically, completely new combustion chamber was designed to improve fuel burning and optimize starting in higher altitudes, and a new control unit was developed to allow non-operating altitude up to 8,000 m AMSL.

The fuel system was remade to decrease the risk of spontaneous ignition, the return fuel line to the airframe fuel system was cancelled. Also, fire resistant shielding of attachment points and fireproof insulation of cables were added. The combustion chamber housing and other connecting surfaces are now made of stainless-steel.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters Metric units Imperial units
Max. electric power output 40 kVA 40 kVA
Power supply 3x 115V/200 V/400 Hz 3x 115V/200 V/400 Hz
Max. bleed air 27 kg/min 59.5 lb/min
Fuel consumption 60.0 kg/hod 132.2 lb/hod
Height x width 520 x 398 mm 20.5 x 15.7 in
Length 683 mm 26.9 in
Max. flight envelope 8,000 m 26,246 ft

Key parameters

  • Simultaneous supply of AC power and compressed air
  • Continuous operation for 6 hours
  • Exceptional reliability
  • High purity of supplied air
  • Simple maintenance
  • Ecological fuel drainage
  • Start up to 6,000 m
  • Flight envelope up to 8,000 m
  • Cancellation of return fuel line to airframe fuel system

Why us?

 We outcompete the competition

We outcompete the competition

The Safir 5K/G MIS outperforms the competitor in every category. This APU was specifically designed in-house by expert PBS technicians to operate up to 6,000 meters of altitude and is able to run continuously for up to 6 hours.
Longer TBO times

Longer TBO times

The reliable operation of the PBS Safir 5K/G MIS auxiliary power unit allows for the progressive extention of the TBO (Time Between Overhaul) period, meaning a longer, more efficient life for the unit.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of aerospace technology

We provide service of the highest quality for all users of our aerospace technology products.

We have long been working to extend the service life of our products, e.g. by introducing new technologies to produce the most exposed parts. Our turbine-based aircraft equipment regularly receives very good references.