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Safir 5K/G MIS is an auxiliary power unit designed to deliver compressed air for starting the main engines, and to supply DC to the deck network.

The Safir 5K/G MIS is one of PBS's most reliable Auxiliary Power Units and one of the most competitive APUs on the market. This is thanks to several favorable factors in the designing and production of this unit. The Safir 5K/G MIS distinguishes itself from our other APUs because it is the only one to supply DC voltage to the aircraft’s on-board network.

The compressed air can be used for the environmental control system. The auxiliary power unit contains all the necessary accessories for safe operation and momentary as well as long-term diagnostics of the unit. The exhaust gas temperature, revolutions and other indicators are constantly monitored. The fuel and oil filter status is also signalled. All data are recorded by the control unit equipped with a RS 422 communication interface. 

This APU was certified for civil aviation by AR MAK according to AP-VD, and by EASA.

Technical parameters

Technical parameters Metric units Imperial units
Nominal power   6 kW 6 kW
Power supply 28 V DC 28 V DC
Max. bleed air 24 kg/min 52.9 lb/min
Weight 64.5 kg 142.2 lb
Height x width 468 x 524 mm 18,4 x 20,6 in
Length 819 mm 32,2 in
Max. altitude 6,000 m  19,700 ft

Key parameters

  • Simultaneous supply of electric power and compressed air
  • Continuous operation for 6 hours
  • High reliability
  • Purity of the air supplied to the air-conditioning system
  • Long service life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ecological fuel drainage
  • Optimized operating fluid status signalling
  • Start and operation up to 6,000 m

Why us?

 We outcompete the competition

We outcompete the competition

The Safir 5K/G MIS outperforms the competitor in every category. This APU was specifically designed in-house by expert PBS technicians to operate up to 6,000 meters of altitude and is able to run continuously for up to 6 hours.
Longer TBO times

Longer TBO times

The reliable operation of the PBS Safir 5K/G MIS auxiliary power unit allows for the progressive extention of the TBO (Time Between Overhaul) period, meaning a longer, more efficient life for the unit.

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