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Jet engine AI-PBS-350

The AI-PBS-350 is our latest and most powerful turbine engine with a thrust of 3400 N, developed in collaboration with a Ukrainian company Ivchenko Progress. It is equipped with a four-stage axial compressor and a single-stage axial turbine, ensuring its superior performance. The engine is optimised primarily for use in missiles, UAV and UCAV systems.
The AI-PBS-350 turbine engine offers exceptional speed, capable of accelerating from idle to maximum thrust in less than 6 seconds. With windmill and pyro ignition capabilities, it provides reliable starts even in challenging conditions.
Its unique thrust-to-weight ratio positions the AI-PBS-350 turbine engine as a leader in aerospace propulsion systems, delivering an unbeatable combination of power, speed, and reliability.

Technical parameters

  Metric Imperial
Max. thrust 3,400 N 764.35 Ibf
Weight 51 kg 112.43 lb
Outer diameter 298 mm 11.73 in
Lenght 706 mm 27.79 in
Electrical power output 5 kW 5 kW
Specific fuel consumption 0.12 kg/N/h 1,22 lb/lbf/hr

Typical applications

The AI-PBS-350 turbojet engine, due to its reliability, performance, and flexibility, is suitable for a wide range of aerospace applications that require a powerful propulsion system. Its thrust of 3400 N and rapid acceleration make it primarily used in missiles and large UCAVs. Thanks to its high thrust-to-weight ratio it is also ideal for other large UAVs and target drones.
AI-PBS-350 application 03
AI-PBS-350 application 01
AI-PBS-350 application 02