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Nazariy Rozhko
Nazariy Rozhko
Nazariy Rozhko
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Turbine Blades and Gas Turbine Segments

PBS is a specialized manufacturer of castings made of superalloys based on nickel and cobalt. We have been suppliers of precision castings of gas turbine blades for a gas turbine manufacturer and repair organizations worldwide from the US to Russia for more than 20 years. 
We are proud at PBS to offer our customers turbine blades and gas turbine segments which meet their needs and specifications. Turbine blades are an important component of turbocharger turbines, and their creation must be completed in a precise manner. That's why our Precision Casting Division (PCD) continually works hard to improve and modify the production processes and design of the casting performance while keeping in mind the functionality and costs involved, to offer our customers the best quality product as the most competitive prices.
  • We provide everything from the design, casting and machining to the final product.
  • We firmly adhere to the quality standard and delivery times.
  • Latest rankings rank us among the top foundries in Europe.
  • We guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable price.

Turbine blades and gas turbine segments are two of the main components that PBS's foundry produces for our international clients around the world. Our process, which takes anywhere from 10 weeks to months or years, involves five steps strictly adhered to in order to produce the highest quality products for our customers. Once we have the drawings and 3D modeling, complete we can begin the actual process of creating a wax model, followed by a ceramic shell, then the melting and casting of superalloys. Once removed from the mould, all turbine blades and gas turbine segments much pass intense quality inspection, visually and with several instruments such as a FPI and X-ray.

The PBS foundry uses state-of-the-art equipment and adheres to strict production conditions, which give customers a guarantee of high-quality castings for any use. In PBS, we use Rapid Prototyping methods, we design and manufacture molds for wax casting, design optimal casting technology, and provide heat treatment, subsequent precision machining, and coating. We have our own leaching line for removing ceramic cores in blades with a cavity. We provide castings of gas turbine blades as well as complete gas turbine sets.

We cast rotor and stator blades for industrial gas turbines. The gas turbine blades are made of IN 738LC, IN 713LC, MAR M247, GTD111, N 155, and B1914.

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Parameters of Cast Turbine Blades

Basic Parameters Values
Length range of produced blades 50 - 400 mm (2-16 inches)
Weight range of produced blades 0.1 ÷ 35 kg
Material used EEQ 111, FSX 414, IN 939, IN 738LC, MAR M247
Cored turbine blades with improved complex mechanical properties  

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Why us?

Reverse Engineering & Testing Laboratory

Reverse Engineering & Testing Laboratory

If you don't have the technical documentation, we can scan the casting, design a model and ensure the entire casting process under one roof. 
Inventory and a wide selection of pieces

Inventory and a wide selection of pieces

We keep the most popular types of blades in stock. We continue to expand our product range with other types of blades, including blades with cavities and gas turbine segments.