ECS-K8 Environmental Control System

The system is designed for heating and cooling the cockpit of jet trainer aircraft K8.
  • Cooling, heating and ventilation in one compact system
  • Ecological operation - no coolant
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Cockpit overpressure
The ECS-K8 system is the most light and compact of all PBS’s environmental control systems.It is capable of operating up to 11,000 meters of altitude, weighing only 32.5 kg and measuring only 1,030 x 203 x 570 mm, making it extremely compact and easy to install. In addition, it has the added ‘defog’ function, a special feature which uses hot air to remove fogging within the aircraft’s canopy.

As is standard with all PBS ECS, it comes with all of the main components such as the turbo cooler, control valves, shut-off valves, pneumatic regulation and heat exchanger. The opportunity to customize the unit is also a standard feature of all PBS products. Working with our expert technicians, we will find the ECS solution that is right for each and every one of our customers.


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ECS-K8 Parameters

Technical parameters SI units Imperial units
Cooling performance max. 3.3 kW max. 11,300 BTU/hr
Heating performance max. 16.8 kW max. 57,324 BTU/hr
Airflow 540±20 kg/h 1,190±44 lbs/hr
Temperature of air entering the cockpit +12 °C to +33 °C +54 °F to +91 °F
Weight  32 kg 70.5 lbs
Dimensions length x height x width 1,030 x 203 x 570 mm 40.55 x 8.00 x 22.44 in
Operating altitude 0 to 11,000 m 0 to 36,000 ft
Service life 4,500 h 4,500 hr


Why us?

Cooling and heating in a single system

Cooling and heating in a single system

According to pilot's requirements, the ECS-K8 automatically maintains a cockpit temperature ranging from +12°C to +33°C in all ground and flight modes.
Ecological operation

Ecological operation

Another one of the major advantages of this environmental control system includes the long time between overhauls, at 1,500 hours or about 7.5 years and eco-friendly operation due to the lack of refrigerant used in the system.

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