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Zdenek Liska
Zdenek Liska
Zdenek Liska
Department of Aircraft Engines

Jet Engine PBS TJ150

The PBS TJ150 small jet engine was developed for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), target drones and missiles.

  • Compact design

  • Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio

  • The built-in starter-generator allows a reliable start and power supply to the deck network

  • The version with pyrotechnic ignition available

  • Modification according to customers' needs (adjustment of hinges, the length of the outlet nozzle, possibility of landing on water)

  • Windmill starting option under 7 sec.

The PBS TJ150, with a maximum thrust of 1,500 N, is the most powerful turbojet engine produced by PBS. It was originally designed based on the PBS TJ100 (PBS's most well-known and popular turbojet engine), utilizing the same outer diameter measurements and engine weight but with a slightly more compact body frame and 20% more power.

PBS combines our more than 50 years of business expertise and customer service experience to research, design and develop the products that our customers need and want, to their specifications. This is true for the PBS TJ150 turbojet engine which can be used in a wide variety of aerial vehicles, target drones, aerial targets, unmanned aerial vehicles and other unmanned systems, and can be modified to the customer's requirements.

Its advantage is its compact design, low weight with a thrust of up to 1,500 N, and low fuel consumption in the given power category. The generator output is 600 W. One of the PBS TJ150 engine versions enables landing on water. The PBS TJ150 engine is a single-shaft jet engine consisting of a radial compressor, radial and axial diffuser, annular combustion chamber, axial turbine and a fixed outlet nozzle.

The version with pyrotechnic ignition expands the in-flight start envelope up to 0.8 M, extending the engine's application to high altitude air-launched defence systems.

Standard accessories: control system (FADEC), ignition, connecting cable
Optional accessories: electromagnetic fuel valve, fuel filter, control lever, signalling panel, boost pump, reduction valve, converter CAN, converter CAN-USB, user software, pyrotechnic ignition


PBS TJ150 Engine Parameters

Technical parameters SI units Imperial units
Max. thrust 1,500 N 337 Ibf
Weight 17.10 kg 37.70 lb
Outer diameter 272 mm 10.71 in
Length 636 mm 25.04 in

Why with us?

Certified Turbojet Manufacturer

Certified Turbojet Manufacturer

PBS is proud of the many certifications of quality managements systems, certifications of processes and certifications of products.These include Czech, European and international certifications, allowing PBS to supply small jet engines, such as the PBS TJ150 throughout the world.
Developed based on extensive experience

Developed based on extensive experience

The TJ150's engine design is based on the technical solution of the TJ100 engine, which in the long-term exhibits excellent reliability and ranks among the leaders in the given performance category.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of aerospace technology

We provide service of the highest quality for all users of our aerospace technology products.

We have long been working to extend the service life of our products, e.g. by introducing new technologies to produce the most exposed parts. Our turbine-based aircraft equipment regularly receives very good references.