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Turboprop Engine PBS TP100

The PBS TP100 turboprop engine is suitable for small aircraft and UAVs. The system is designed for use in both pusher and tractor configuration.

Its main advantage is low weight, power of 180 kW and its capacity to achieve flight altitude of 9,000 m with a maximum starting altitude of 6,000 m. The turbine engine is able to start in cold conditions as low as - 30 °C without preheating.

The engine is equipped with autonomous oil and fuel systems, BLDC electric starter-generator and digital engine control unit (ECU). The ECU ensures automatic after-cooling of hot parts after an engine stop. The propeller governor maintains a constant propeller speed.

The engine could be controlled by the analogue interface (control voltage) or by the digital interface (based on CAN Aerospace V1.7 protocol). The engine parameters for cockpit multifunction display are available only in digital format.

Standard accessories: digital control system (ECU), connecting cable
Required accessories: ignition, electromagnetic fuel valve, boost pump, speed governor, speed limiter, oil cooler
Optional accessories: alternator, EMS display unit, control lever, thermostatic valve, and others


Technical parameters

Technical parameters Metric units Imperial units
Maximum power 180 kW 241 HP
Electrical output power 720 W - 3 700 W 720 W - 3,700 W
Weight  61,6 kg 135.8 lb
Height x width - without exhaust 398 x 330 mm 15.67 x 13.00 in
Length 891 mm 35.08 in

Main Features

  • Low weight
  • Small installation dimensions
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Digital interface for control and monitoring
  • Stable operation at high altitudes and high temperatures
  • Ability to run at cold temperatures below -30 °C without preheating
  • Two output shaft speed configurations

Why us?

Light weight

Light weight

For its light weight and power of 180 kW, this turboprop engine is designed for the category of ultra-light manned and unmanned (UAV) devices.
Both push and pull versions can be used

Both push and pull versions can be used

Depending on its location in the aircarft, the system is designed for use in both push and pull configurations.

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