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Lubomir Dusil
Lubomir Dusil
Lubomir Dusil
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Turbine Wheels

We are a specialist manufacturer of nickel and cobalt based superalloy castings

Turbine Wheels

PBS Velka Bites (PBS) is a specialized manufacturer of castings made of superalloys based on nickel and cobalt. PBS is a supplier of impellers and guide wheels for the largest manufacturer of turbochargers in the power engineering, marine and transport industries worldwide.

PBS is the proud manufacturer of investment casting for turbine wheels, which are one of the two main components of a turbocharger turbine, along with turbine housing.

Investment (or precision or even lost wax) casting is a delicate and challenging process involves the creation of a wax pattern in the desired shape of the part to be created. This wax pattern or figure is repeatedly dipped into a liquid ceramic multiple times until it has achieved the desired size.
Eventually, the mold (with the wax inside) is heated, causing the wax to melt away. The orifice from this lack of wax is then filled with molten metal. PBS works mostly with superalloys based on nickel and cobalt in order to produce a durable, reliable, and long-lasting structure. Once it has cooled, the mold is shattered, leaving behind the cast metal part. 
  • We provide everything from the design, casting and machining to the final product
  • Option of using oscillation for casting to improve the macrostructure
  • We firmly adhere to the quality standard and delivery times
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment ranks us among the top manufacturers in Europe

For many years, our customers have appreciated our competence in the field of challenging castings of blades, impellers and guide wheels for turbochargers. We supply wheels, blades and components made from IN 713C, IN 713LC, B1914 and MAR M247 alloys to turbocharger manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.

The PBS foundry uses state-of-the-art equipment and adheres to strict production conditions, which give customers a guarantee of high-quality castings for any use. In PBS we use Rapid Prototyping methods, we design and manufacture molds for wax casting, design optimal casting technology, and provide heat treatment and subsequent precision machining.

Parameters of investment casted turbine wheels

Basic Parameters Values
Dimensional range of produced wheels ø 50 – ø 400 mm
Weight range of produced wheels 0.15 – 44 kg
Material used IN 713C, IN 713LC, B1914, MAR M247



Why us?

Option of machining

Option of machining

On a 6600 m2 production area, we have our own foundry as well as a rich machine park, thanks to which we are able to ensure complete machining of castings including their surface treatment. 
Structural design and inhouse mold manufacturing molds

Structural design and inhouse mold manufacturing molds

A specialized team of experts enables us to provide the entire casting process, from the design and manufacture of our own molds to the final product.