Grinding and inspection of gears

Grinding and measurement of cylindrical gears with outer involute straight or helical gearing.
  • Grinding of precision gearing including profile (height) and longitudinal modification .
  • Comprehensive production of gears.
  • Production of units - aircraft gearboxes.
  • Measurement and testing of final products.
We grind and measure cylindrical gears with outer involute straight or helical gearing with the Niles ZE 400 gear profile grinding machine.

The subsequent inspection is carried out in the KLINGELNBERG P26 gear measuring center.
We issue inspection reports according to DIN 3962 or ISO 1328 from the inspection machine. We can provide the complete production of gears and whole gearboxes including subsequent testing. Typical products include aircraft gearboxes, hydraulic and fuel pumps, and more.

KAPP Niles ZE 400 gear profile grinding machines

Technical parameters Values
Module 0.5 - 12 mm
Helix angle of tooth +/- 45°
Outside diameter max. 260 mm
Gearing width max. 400 mm
Workpiece length between centers max. 600 mm
Workpiece weight max. 30 kg
Modification vertical and longitudinal
Degree of accuracy 3 - 4 according to DIN 3962

Why us?

Many years of experience

Many years of experience

We manufacture aircraft gearboxes as separate devices and as part of our auxiliary power units and turboprop and turboshaft engines. Thanks to this, we have extensive experience with the production of gears and units.
Cooperate with us

Cooperate with us

We also offer measurement and, eventually, final product testing.