We deliver propuslion systems to the most challenging markets

We have designed and successfully launched a series of high-quality, reliable small turbojet engines, used mainly in UAVs, target drones, other unmanned systems, experimental aircraft, and ultralight helicopters.

On average, 90% of our products are developed, manufactured and tested through our own capabilities. One of our main competitive advantages is the ability to adapt our products to the needs of our customers. 

In-house production:

- Development
​- Production
- Assembly
- Testing


Target Drone with PBS Jet Engine


Adam Vysocky


Adam Vysocky
Director of Product & Business Development

PBS TJ150 latest addition to PBS engines family

Thanks to their excellent thrust-to-weight ratio and high-level technical parameters PBS turbojet engines are the world leaders in their category.



Jan Kalas


Jan Kalas
Sales Manager