PBS statement on the Export Genius data

22. 11. 2023

The text of The Kyiv Independent is based on data from the private database Export Genius. The following facts are provided to challenge the credibility to the information from this database.

The operator of the database, upon direct inquiry, stated that it contains unofficial data and disclaimed any legal responsibility for its accuracy. The owners, two individuals, claimed that it comprises customs reports from companies during customs procedures. However, they did not provide details on how they obtained the data or whether it is protected against manipulation or alterations. Apparently, the data is not protected or filtered upon receipt. Additionally, both owners mentioned other unspecified sources of information. Thus, the database is not protected by any authority, and the sources of its information remain unclear.

The database also contains data on other major global companies that allegedly supplied their products to Russia with reported amounts ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of US dollars, relatively small amounts considering the size of these companies.  According to the database, between April 2022 and July 2023, companies such as Dassault Aviation, Bombardier, Boeing, Thales, Liebherr, and others allegedly imported products into Russia, potentially significantly violating the sanctions imposed on the country. However, this assertion is strongly denied by these companies.


Operator of this database:

  • Export Genius Private Limited is a private company established on 14 August 2019. It is classified as a Private Company and registered with Registrar of Companies, New Delhi. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 1,00,000 and its paid-up capital is Rs. 100,000. The corporate registration number of Export Genius Private Limited is (CIN) U74990DL2019PTC353852 and its registration number is 353852. The email address is aashita@exportgenius.com and the registered address is C-7/224-225, 2TH FLOOR SECTOR NEW-7, ROH NORTHWEST DL 110085 IN.
  • Founder: ANKUR GUPTA, Director: AASHITA GUPTA
  • There are other similar databases in the developing world: Import Yeti, Import Genius, ShipmentLink, Trademo, Panjva, GlobalWits and xNova International.

Business Model of the database:

  • Access to the database costs USD 9,000. It reportedly has 20,000 subscribers, implying annual revenues of USD 180 million. However, the company is based in a small house in Delhi at the address mentioned above, which is unusual for a company with such high revenues and contrary to established norms. While we have verified the payment, the number of users is uncertain. Or potentially completely fake.
  • The company reports data that is subsequently presented as international goods movement data, sourced from declarations submitted to customs in countries where such data cannot be properly obtained. However, the specific sources of the data and their accuracy cannot be verified. Certainly, the database operator is unable to verify them and denies any responsibility.  The source areas of the database include India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, among others, totalling 55 countries. Notably, the Czech Republic is missing from this list. Additionally, the company reportedly collects data from various other sources, including statistical data, data from the Suez Canal, and more.
  • Customs data is routinely recorded with government authorities for both imports and exports. The data is recorded in the customs invoice or customs declaration by the exporter or importer, who then submits it to customs. This data is not publicly available. Subsequently, it is expected to make its way, somewhat obscurely, into a private database labelled as "unofficial". Although this process undoubtedly occurs, its conclusiveness remains dubious.
  • The data in the database can be altered even after being inserted by means of electronic warfare. Since the database is just non-binding business information for a fee, there is no reason to protect and control it in any extreme manner. And considering the target of the alleged Russian action concerning the database, the action could have involved a combination of various forms of data tampering.


In any case, the data in the database does not serve the purpose of confirmation or proof; it does not function as an official register. Historically, the database has not been used to track individual trades; its focus lies on tracking trends, declared prices in aggregate, and similar aspects. Nevertheless, we suspect that it has been misused for other purposes based on inaccurately entered data, given the absence of a verification system to prevent such misuse.

Thus, to insert false PBS data, all that was needed was to obtain the production numbers of the shipment, which is not difficult.